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At The Blind Shop we are committed to providing the highest quality products in Putney, whether you want traditional roller, contemporary metal Venetians or any other type of blinds. We strive to offer the very best, ensuring every single product we offer meets our standards. We are immensely proud of the fact that our collection has been compared favourably to the high end products offered in renowned stores.

Blinds can prove to be a very good investment as well as a fantastic way of enhancing the aesthetics of your windows and the room they are in. They tend to last longer than other types of window cover and require minimal maintenance. This means that you can expect a great deal of service from them. On top of this they also work with many different types of decoration so you can redecorate without needing to change them.

If you want to extend the lifecycle of your blinds even further you should choose those designed specifically for each setting. For example in kitchens and bathrooms you should opt for waterproof ones that won't be damaged by the moisture. It is wise to always keep the settings in mind when you select products to ensure a good fit.

In our extensive range you can find a blind to suit every room in a property. There is an array of different styles and materials to choose from, giving you a great deal of choice. On our website you can view each one to get an idea of how they look. You can select the colour, input your measurements, determine whether you want inside or outside recess, and decide things like the position of the control chain. With this information we can give you a quote for the product. Our customers are always surprised at the great value for money we offer for such quality, bespoke blinds.

When you are deciding what type of blind to opt for we can offer advice and help you to make the right choice. As part of this you can order fabric swatches from us to get a better idea of some of the materials we use.

The Blind Shop is the number one choice if you want high quality made to measure blinds for a property in Putney. We cater for homes, commercial properties, and an array of other buildings, delivering the same great products to each client. Whatever your needs you can have complete confidence in us.

Measuring & Fitting Service

Our measuring and fitting service covers London,
Brighton & Hove and everywhere in between.